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Yang Residence
初心 Back To The Basic

City    Taipei City

Year    2016

Size     20 Ping

The life in a small space as large as 63m2 miraculously exceeds all your expectations, satisfying your longing for living in a larger space.

With a 12-cm-thick wood-paneled wall at the core of the public space, which separates the interior from the exterior by dividing the space into three areas, a vista facing the foyer is added to highlight the entrance imagery.  The middle part of the wall facing the dining room, at which a few household items are situated to foster a homely ambience, is extended to the dining table.  The other side of the wall is actually an umbrella closet.  It takes merely a 12-cm-thick wood wall to cleverly forge an interesting combination of various arrangements out of a small space.



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