Gu Residence

迴歸 Reinterpretation

City    Taipei City

Year    2017

Size     32 Ping

There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen,1 reading area, and 1 walking-in closet in the apartment with 100m2 angular floor plan. To maximize comfort for space, each space has its unique multiple functions that provide privacy and also connect to each other by the living and dining area as the core. This core designed as a role to bring joy and to foster relationship between family.


Because of the large windows in each space, natural light and greenery become the key for design concept. The scenery of the space changed by light and shadow from morning to night and from one season to the next are sustaining. Because of all the above, dwellers love to stay at home and experience the relaxing feeling from changeable scenery.